A Greenery Baby Shower

This could be quite possibly one of my favorite days so far this year! Celebrating baby Easton was such a blast! All of my closest friends and family came, we played games, ate food, and had so much fun! As you can see, the shower itself turned out beautifully, and I couldn’t help but share!

A good friend of mine and my mother-in-law helped put everything together. I love how everything turned out, but this was by far was one of my favorite tables. The dessert table! The greenery and the neutral tones just brought me a sense of happiness, not too mention all the yummy treats the two of them made!

The candlesticks were an alley way find I found a couple years ago. I couldn’t believe someone would want to throw those gorgeous pieces away! Next to that is one of my favorite bible verses, (see below) and the wreaths I had DIYed for a project last year. The letter “E” I picked up at Michael’s, and just hot glued some twine around it and added some greenery! In the very front are the “party favors” which were little baby succulents from Amazon! The sign reads, “Welcome, please take a baby succulent and watch as baby grows!”

The balloons were also a cute added detail. I loved the string of greenery instead of just the regular string that comes with them! You can also find that on Amazon!

The drink and dinner table usually aren’t the cutest things at the party, but these turned out so amazing! I love the cute written details on the creamer pitchers, and the wood planks and greenery at the dinner table. (Some of the food is missing but you get the point.)

We started the shower off with a devotional by my “mother-in-law” and opened in prayer. This was super important to me! Here is why. Time to get real, raw, and deep. As a born again Christian, I am living in an uncomfortable situation. For me, and a lot of other Christians. The father of my two children and I are not married. Yes, that’s right. We are live in parents about to raise two children together and we are. not. married. It’s a sensitive subject and I won’t get too deep on you, but I also like to be raw and real with my followers!

It’s not that we haven’t spoken of marriage, or don’t ever want to get married. It just hasn’t happened yet. Our first child came to us as an unplanned blessing, and we love her so much we decided to have another!! We wanted our children to be close in age, so we made a decision. A decision of sin. We are not perfect Christians, and also never will be. We made a choice of sin, and for that we have God alone to get right with.

Because of this reasoning, I almost did not have a baby shower. Mostly out of shame. But after a lot of prayers and the push of amazing friends, I decided to go for it. Because it is about celebrating the life of a child! I believe a child out of wedlock is not a sin. The act of premarital sex itself, yes. The baby, no. Jesus himself was born out of wedlock as Mary and Joseph were not married. All biblical reasoning of why children are a blessing from God aside, I am so truly thankful for the friends and family I have.

Thankfully, I am surrounded by the real kind of Christians. The ones who show love and compassion, who pray for us, and help us through our rocky journey. For them to come and share so much love for Easton and I brings me to tears just thinking about it. I pray everyday that we will be good parents who teach our children how to walk in the path of Christ. I also pray that someday we will be joined in marriage and be good examples as a husband and wife to our children.

After the devotional we played a couple games and activities such as: “Who said it, Mom or Dad?” “What’s in the diaper bag?” and “Who knows mommy best?” The guests also wrote their prayers, advice, and words of wisdom on some cute cards for me to take home. They then helped decorate some wooden blocks for baby Easton to play with as he got older!

Overall the whole shower was beautiful and it will be something that I will cherish forever! Baby Easton will be here in just a few weeks time and we cannot be more ready for his arrival!

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