Bathroom Renovation

It all started with the linoleum. I mean, the carpet wasn’t a favorite of ours either, but the walls around the tub needed to go. I mean, just look for yourself.

I mean, pretty gross right? I had tried ever cleaner you could possibly think of, but this was a much bigger issue. I finally called my landlord and asked if there was something we could do. She agreed and sent over a contractor!

The contractors started to rip everything out and were finding much bigger issues than we had thought! All the water damage needed to be ripped out and replaced, and all the sub flooring under the toilet was rotting away.

The project was going to take a little longer than suspected, which was tough for a mom of a toddler and 33 weeks pregnant at the time! But progress was being made and I couldn’t wait for the final product!

Once everything was replaced, the fun part started! Putting in all the pretty stuff! Cosmetic wise, the rest wasn’t all that pretty. And the contractors were nice enough to add a few simple touched. Here are some before pics of the rest of the bathroom.

The linoleum behind the sink was awful, not to mention the random soap and toothbrush holder sticking out from the wall. The two towel rings above the toilet were not centered at all, and my OCD literally went crazy from it on a daily bases. The contractors ripped it all out and gave us a whole new look!

I painted the floral knobs and light fixture black, and added a few decorative pieces of my own! Here are the final results!

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