Montana Corn Maze

Looking for something fun to do this fall with the kiddos? Look no further! Stop by the Montana Corn Maze for LOADS of activities for you littles. Fun ranging from: tractor rides, corn mazes, games, playgrounds, and even a petting zoo! Not to mention the BBQ’d food. (insert drooling emoji here).


Ty and I took Emryn to the maze today (all in search of just a little pumpkin to take a picture with) and ended up having lots of fun and lots of laughs. I was overall impressed with the set up of things, and it looked like they put in a lot of time and money into making it fun and safe for the kids.

There is a huge parking area (which always makes life easier) and signs leading you straight to where you need to sign in. They have you sign waiver forms and give you a wristband, and off you get! Emryn is still too young for the jungle gym or yard games they had set up there, so we went straight to the tractor ride to take us to the corn maze!


They had three different options for mazes. The first was a cute little one where you had to find the 8 missing animals they had posted. A pig, cat, chicken, cow, etc. The kids had to go through the maze with there piece of paper and collect something from each animal. Not sure on the details there because we went through the full maze! We’ll get there (;

The second maze was the mini maze, and it was just literally that. A mini maze for the kids to go through and trace different shapes they had posted. A pumpkin, a smiley face, etc. etc. Again, not 100 percent sure on the details, but you get the gist.

And the last was the full maze! Now this was CRAZY!! It is a HUGE MAZE guys!! Luckily, they give you a map to follow, or else we would have been lost. forever. No lie.


We were given a punch card and you had to go down every nook and cranny of this maze to punch you card ( With numbers 1-10) which you had to punch in NUMERICAL ORDER. Pshhh. yeah. ok.

Ty and I got 5 punches, and definitely not in order. Started with 8 and ended with a 5. Not long after that I gave up and started feeling a little claustrophobic so we headed on out. But man was it fun! I encourage anyone local (or even just in the area visiting) to come do this with your kiddos! It’s a lot of fun and overall inexpensive.



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