How I grew my Hair 6 inches

April 10th of 2018 I decided to do something I had never done before. Chop my hair off! Thats right. I caved in a got the infamous “mom chop.” A little background on what came before this life changing decision if you will.

I hadn’t seen a hair stylist in goodness knows how long, and my hair was nasty. Just nasty, girls. Embarrassing really. I had an almost two month old at home so it never left the comfort of its scrunchy held messy bun, but still.

I decided to take a little bit of ‘me time’ and get something fixed. Or at least helped. The first visit consisted of me getting about 2 inches of split and dead ends off, and a little bit of color stripping from the years of old color and box dye. The second visit was more color stripping because I had decided over night I wanted to try and go blonde. I had been many many colors, but had never gone full blonde. Obviously as many know, this is not a one time process. We decided to just go heavy with hilights, and continue adding more in and lightening as time went on. Also, with each visit, we would continue to trim split ends because there was still a lot of dead and the color was not holding well.

Finally about the third visit in, my hair dresser told me we still had about 2-4 inches to go to get to healthy hair. So I looked at her and told her to just chop it.

Yep. Chop it all! I was ready for a fresh start and was sick of dealing with it. So this is what we came up with!


After all of this hard work I still wasn’t fully committed to the platinum blonde look and I just didn’t feel like myself. So after a few months I went back in and went back to brunette! Crazy I know. But I definitely feel more like myself and my hair is finally healthy again! Here are some tips and tricks that I did over the year to get my hair to quickly grow back (and even longer) than before!


So even after I had my baby, I still continued to take my prenatal vitamins (some nurses recommend it) and even some other vitamins such a B12, Vitamin D, Biotin, etc. I don’t know a lot about vitamins except for the fact that they are good for you and make you healthy. And what you put in your body is what will shine through!!


After I had Emryn, I was limited still to what I could drink being that I was breastfeeding. I had cut out caffeine (including coffee, ugh), dairy, (mostly because I noticed it was making me gain a lot of weight) and even juice, for anything sugary made me a little sick. So I ended up drinking nothing but just water! And the benefits that does for you is insane! Not just for your hair, but your skin as well!!


I never brushed my hair wet. When I just got out of the shower I wouldn’t even towel dry it, for I heard being to rough on the scalp could cause some damage. So I would ring it out and gently squeeze it with my towel, but none of the flip my head over and start rubbing like crazy. Not doing this also saved my hair a lot of tangles so I didn’t really need to brush it. If I had to go somewhere or needed it to at least look presentable, I would take a wide tooth comb and start from the ends and gently work my way up.


I use to just sleep on my hair whatever way I wanted. Down, in a bun, etc. But I learned that if you sleep in a braid, it causes less damage and tugging on your hair while your tossing and turning, and the ponytail is closer to the end so its not cutting off circulation at the roots.


I obviously wanted my hair to grow, so I changed a lot of things that I was or wasn’t doing currently. One being using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Finding one isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and actually a lot cheaper than expected. And the results were amazing! Not even after three times of washing my hair I could feel a very noticeable difference in the texture. It was soooo soft! Also, reduce the amount of times you wash your hair. Your hair makes certain oils for a reason and it needs those oils to stay healthy!


I notice I tend to get really bad split ends as soon as I start using heat. Not only was I using blow dryers and curling irons regularly, but I wasn’t using any sort of protectant. I started using a heat protectant and letting it set for ten minutes before putting any type of heat on my hair.


Have you ever wondered how the ladies in the “old days” all had super long hair? Well I read that the royals would have there hair brushed constantly. 100 strokes before bed and even sometimes during the day. This helps get the blood flowing! So basically just do everything the renaissance aged women did! They didn’t have electricity, so no curling irons or blow dryers, they only washed their hair maybe once a week, (if that) and they didn’t put tons of chemicals in their hair. All they drank was wine and water, and constantly had in pretty braided updos. So just do all those things, haha!

Here is a pic at exactly one year from getting it chopped!! Wish I could say I had some magic potion for you that would allow it to grow 12 inches over night, but its just time and consistency of staying healthy!


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