Styling Series: Part Two

Have you ever put together the perfect outfit, and then aren’t sure how to accessorize it? Or maybe didn’t know what shoes to wear? Yeah, I’ve been there. Obviously if you like to rock your own style and wear whatever you feel like, than you go right on ahead a do that! But, it you want to follow some of fashions “guidelines” then check out this necklace and shoe chart I made for you!


Crew Neck- Collar or “bib”

Turtle/Mock Neck- Medium to long chain or pendant

Off the Shoulder- Choker or short chain

Scoop Neck- Shorter pendant or chain that does not go past the neckline of the shirt

Boat Neck- Long layered necklace or pendant

Collar- Choker or short pendant

Strapless- Choker or short chain

Square- Choker, short chain or short pendant

V-neck- layered, pendant, short chain

Shirts that don’t “need” necklaces- Cowl neck, halter tops, sweethearts, illusion


Skinny Jeans- Flats, rolled with booties, over/under the knee boot, wedges

Boot Cut- Boots, Flats, tennis shoes, heels,wedges

Ankle Pants- Loafers, flats, heels

Boyfriends Jeans- Rolled with tennis shoes, heels, or Oxfords

Straight leg- Tennis shoes, heels, flats

Bell Bottoms/Flare- Booties, Heels, Slide on block heels, wedges

Slacks- Heels, flats, Sandals

Cropped (Capris)- Flats, Heels, Wedges

Palooza (Gauchos)- Wedges, Flats

Shorts- Anything!

Hope you enjoyed part two of my styling series! I hope you found some of these tips helpful! You can comment below or email me with any questions or advice you may have!



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