My Fall Favorites♥♥


Hello Darlings!

In todays post I will be jumping right into my fall favorites! I know it’s already November 1st, and fall is already almost over! But I will enjoy what few weeks I have without snow, and with that, be sharing with you my favorites that I wear during this fall weather.


I have absolutely been obsessed with bell sleeves this year! Especially the layered ones! And who doesn’t love a good mustard yellow? I find that I cannot pull off so much as a spring time yellow, but these darker tones look good with my brown hair and hazel eyes.  I got this Poof sweater from Nordstrom’s Rack, but it is no longer in stock! They have these similar ones here: 14th & Union Sweater


Sometimes it is a little bit chilly to wear this, but with a pair of knee high socks or some cute tights and booties, it’s perfect! Plus, who can go wrong with burnt orange!? I unfortunately didn’t wait long enough to get mine on sale, but you can! Sans Souci Wrap Mini Skirt


How cute are these!? Who doesn’t love a good fall bootie! I have always loved booties, no matter what the season, but something about these forest green wedges have me some type of way. I don’t know if its the leather hardware, the color, or the comfort!! Either way, every girl needs a pair of these in her closet! I was fortunate to get my Eric Michael booties at a thrift store! But I found some similar ones for you here: Eric Michael booties


Most people wouldn’t really think of this as being a “fall piece.” But somethings that I have learned to love and appreciate lately are: leopard print, anything camo, and a lot of pink!! Yes that’s right. Pink. I went through a year or two where literally nothing in my closet was pink. At one point I didn’t even really care for pink. My closet consisted of all neutrals. Grays, blacks, nudes, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all of those shades. But I have been slowly adding more color into my closet, and my latest obsession is… pink. Pair this with any color big fluffy sweater and some matching pink mules and viola! You’re ready to rock! I bought my necklace wholesale, but I found this similarly cute one here:

Rayne Necklace



Last but definitely not least, you need a bag. I know I have an obsession with a lot of things, but none of them come close to the crave I have for designer bags. Shoes do come in a close second, but a good quality handbag is just, ugh. Something about the new smell of leather, the beautiful designs, and just knowing that it’s good quality!! These do take some time to save up for, but if you have enough inner strength and some hardcore determination, then you can have one, too! Heck, why not get two or three!! It’s all about quality over quantity in my opinion. I rather have a good solid three or four pieces in my closet, then a bunch of eh, not the best quality stuff. Everyone has heard of the Neverfull bag from Louis Vuitton, which I myself am not fortunate to own yet. I do though, have one of these Yves Saint Laurent bags!! Sell all your old cheap bags you no longer want and get one of these for yourself!

Neverfull MM Louis Vuitton

YSL Mini Bag

I enjoyed sharing some of my fall favorites with you and I hope you enjoyed them as well! Let me know what your favorite things are to wear this fall season!


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