My Current Fav 5 ULTA Beauty Products

Hello there, Darlings!

Tonight I wanted to share with you some of my current favorites from one of my favorite beauty stores, ULTA! The reason I say current, is because they are constantly changing! Once I think I found something that I cannot live without, I find something else that I love even better! Beauty is constantly changing with the seasons and the fads, so get these now while they last.



This Pumpkin Spice & Vanilla Chai Hempz is a game changer! I have no shame going all out white girl when it comes to pumpkin spice, and this is my favorite of them all. I have always loved the Hempz line, and have many of their different scents in my collection, but this one takes them all. Unfortunately, it’s only a seasonal thing, so get yours now!





I absolutely love the Anastasia Beverly Hills line, and right now I am totally vibing with this Subculture Eyeshadow Palette. It is so beautiful! I love all of the colors in this palette and they are totally setting the fall mood. Most of the time I only get to use a good four or five colors out of a palette, but I feel that all of these colors go great with my hazel eyes!! I have also found other uses for some of the colors, like the color Cube (white) is prefect for the water line or my inner corner! And All Star, (burgundy) I love to mix with a lip gloss for a dark fall lip.






Mac lipsticks have been something that I have just gravitated towards since the beginning of when I first started playing with makeup. I have really weird lips, where literally nothing stays on them. These were a game changer. I love wearing nudes and pinks during the summer, but found that I can actually pull off some of these darker colors as well! Don’t be shy and try a bolder look! I like to get the Lip Duo‘s, because I absolutely HAVE to line my lips to keep the lipstick from bleeding. If you want to try something more budget friendly, these lipsticks by Nyx.



If you’re anything like me, my hair gets so dry during the colder months. Montana weather does not help! Not only do I get horrid split ends, but my hair gets very dry and frizzy. Don’t even mention the static when I’m wearing beanies. This Dry Hair Nourishment # Defrizzer by John Masters Organics is my go to for all of that! The thing I love most about these products are not only are organic, but they smell amazing! I just put a little dab on my hand and rub it through my hair after I curl it.


main.jpg I don’t self tan very often, but when I find myself getting just a shade under porcelain, then I like to put on a good base layer. This St. Tropez is my all time favorite tanner from Ulta. I love that it comes out in a foam substance, which makes it easier to apply more evenly. I do still struggle with getting everything evenly, especially in the hard to reach places, and sometimes it can be SUPER time consuming, so I invested in one of these! This Pro Light is perfect for that all over even glow!


I wish I could share more than just five of my favorites with you, because there are just so many goodies in this store! Stay tuned to be the first to find out about all the must-haves for the upcoming seasons! Until next time darlings!


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