Neutral Baby Clothes

I wanted to share with you guys my latest obsession, finding all things neutral baby. We are expecting in a little over two months, and I am starting to nest. Preparing for a newborn is always a little stressful, but this time has definitely been more ‘fun’ being that I mostly already know what to expect.

Being that we have a little girl, and are now expecting a boy, it gave me an excuse to get all new clothes! Don’t get me wrong, I was a little sad to see some of the cute little dresses go, but when I started shopping for baby boy, I was pleasantly surprised with just how adorable boy clothes are!

I thrifted a lot of my items, especially from months 3-12. My first round with Emryn, I bought ENTIRELY too many clothes and even still have a BIN full of things that are brand new with tags still attached (I keep them for baby shower gifts.) So this time I bought very few newborn and 0-3 month items, and thrifted the rest to save some money. They only wear them a few times, and I would rather invest in things they will use for longer.

My favorite places I love to shop for baby stuff is Precious Seconds, and Once upon a Child. Once upon a Child is pretty much a second hand store for all things kids. It was started by a woman named Lynn Blum, who was a working mother sick of hitting garage sales just to find affordable kids clothes. The franchise sells kids clothes sizes preemie to tween, at 70% off retail price! You can also return items for in store credit, or even sell your old clothes/items your kids have grown out of! They don’t just sell clothing either, they have strollers, cribs, toys, you name it.

I decided to go with the neutral trend with this baby, mostly because I was just not a fan of the bright bold colors and patterns. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually a substantial amount of neutral colored items that met my standards of “adorable.” I stuck mostly with grays, tans, whites and blacks, but did find a few items I liked in the more muted colors (sage green, soft baby blue, and soft yellow).

Some of the brands I like the most are: Carters (Just One You), Cloud Island, Baby Essentials, Chick Pea, H&M, and Little Star Organic.

Being that I thrifted a lot of these items I am not able to link the actual items themselves, but I linked some similar ideas! Do you prefer the neutral baby clothes? Or are you more into a fun patterned baby outfit? Let me know in the comments!


Hope you enjoyed! See you next time!



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